About Us

Some people say you can’t conquer golf, but we beg to differ. We’re conquering golf every chance we get, and if you pay attention, you’ll learn how too.

Kevin Noto

The best golfer to come out of Gilroy, CA since Masters champion George Archer. Carries a Mizuno blade 1-iron to intimidate his opponents, and an oversized putter to get in their heads. Eats 6 large buckets for breakfast. Has been known to send it. Advocate of the lash.

Brian Thompson

The 43rd best player to come out of San Jose, CA in the last few years, but maybe the best without a hole in one. Always welcomes a press. Never seen a lie he didn’t love. Exceptional player once he gets to 3 over par on a round. Some people say he can putt, others say he can chip. Poa aunna and kikuyu connoisseur. Enjoys every shot.